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Customized For Your Campus

As an Educator during the school year, DJ Bougie Brian understands the need for a successful, clean, and FUN school dance! Specializing in EDM and Hip Hop music, your DJ will customize (and get administration pre-approval) your event playlist so that not only your students will have a blast at your campus function -- but the adult chaperones will be at ease knowing that the music is appropriate and electrifying!
As for consulting, your DJ will sit down with the event coordinator face-to-face and review the music requests from your students, customize the playlist, and plan the lighting and special effects at your venue.

School Dances: Services

Why Choose Us?

Fully Insured!


Clean Playlists

DJ's an Educator

Lighting Packages to Fit Your Budget and Theme

Sell More Tickets

Barbara C.

"As an educator, it's apparent that he knows what our students wanted in our dance! He's definitely our go-to guy for our DJ needs."


Courtney A.

"Brian is simply amazing!!! He went along with our theme for his setup and made sure that the music requested before the event was appropriate. His mic skills are really impressive, also!"

Jennifer T.

"He kept the kids dancing and having a great time! They're already looking forward to next year's dance!"
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