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Wedding Dance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “What DJ equipment do you use?”
    High-quality equipment is a distinguishing feature of a skilled event or wedding DJ. Ensuring the professionalism of your chosen vendor is crucial when planning an event. A DJ's performance greatly relies on the quality of their gear. Although a DJ might excel in music mixing, outdated equipment and malfunctioning speakers can detract from the experience. Instead of focusing on smooth transitions, guests might be distracted by unpleasant sounds and unattractive set-ups. This is why at Bunn DJ Company, we exclusively utilize state-of-the-art equipment. Our setups are sonically impressive and visually appealing, with no messy wires or faulty speakers to detract from the experience.
  • “Will my DJ take song requests?”
    B.D. Williams Entertainment is happy to accept song requests and frequently includes them in their playlists. However, we carefully evaluate requests received from guests. If a song or music genre is marked as "Do Not Play" by you, it will not be played. Conversely, if a song is requested that aligns with your preferences and musical style, the DJ may include it. It is crucial to acknowledge that your DJ is a professional in the events industry. They are knowledgeable about the tracks that energize the dance floor as well as those that might not. Since B.D. Williams Entertainment does not follow a pre-determined setlist but rather adjusts to the atmosphere of the audience, they can cater to the crowd's energy. Moreover, an online planning system is available for you to communicate your music preferences and favorite songs before the occasion. This ensures that there are no unexpected surprises during the event.
  • “What are your terms of payment?”
    To initiate the planning process, we require a deposit from you—that’s it! This deposit secures your date and will be deducted from the total balance. The remaining balance must be settled two weeks prior to the event. We strive to streamline the payment procedure for your convenience. You can utilize debit, credit, Zelle, or PayPal for all your transactions. For further details regarding pricing, fill out our form!
  • “Do I tip the DJ?”
    Gratuity is not included in the final contract price. Generally, 10% to 20% is recommended if your DJ did a great job, but it’s entirely up to you!
  • “Do I feed the DJ and his staff?”
    It is not obligatory as per our contract, and the decision is entirely yours. Usually, the catering manager or event organizer will reserve a meal or boxed dinner for the DJ upon the client's request.
  • “How long have you been a DJ?”
    DJ Bougie Brian has been DJ'ing for over twelve years! He started his LLC in 2020.
  • “What services do you offer?”
    We offer DJ/Emcee services for wedding ceremonies/receptions, corporate events, private parties, and school functions! We also offer lighting options (uplighting and dance floor lighting) and have photo booths available.
  • “What are the plans if something happens to my DJ?”
    Event planning always involves preparing for the unexpected. Having a reliable backup plan is essential to ensure your event runs smoothly. At B.D.Williams Entertainment, we understand this, which is why we have a professional DJ on standby at each location. This means that even in the most unlikely emergencies, such as a flat tire or inclement weather, your event will never be without music. When you choose B.D.Williams Entertainment, you can rest assured that your event will be covered, no matter what.
  • “How many songs can I request?”
    You'll be able to choose the songs you want (and don't want) to hear at your event using our online planning system. You'll receive login details for this system via email along with your contract. Feel free to request as many songs as you like! We suggest providing your DJ with a selection of 10-15 songs from various genres and artists that you enjoy. It's also helpful to mention a few songs/artists you prefer not to hear. Keep in mind the time constraints of your event if you're requesting many songs. Your DJ will discuss your music preferences during the initial consultation.
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